Humans have been utilizing glass containers since as early as 12,000 BC. Newer technology is available and sustainable. Click the links below to discover a few of the reasons why Tin Man selected cans to hold their quality brews.

Prime protection

Like robots (and unlike humans), beer doesn't need sunlight or oxygen. Even dark, amber-colored glass allows sunlight to reach the precious brew, causing reactions that can give beer a skunky odor or flavor. The metal cap that seals a glass beer bottle, while an amusing prop at a party, is not airtight, allowing oxygen to permeate the beer. This causes reactions that can create stale, papery or even cheesy flavors.

Aluminum cans present a stable, airtight, lightproof container that keeps Tin Man beers at the perfect proportion that's sure to turn your gears.

Super sustainable

At Tin Man, we manufacture beer, not bottles. Analysis of our receptacles shows that an aluminum can weighs less than one-tenth of a glass bottle, meaning we can spend more monetary units shipping beer to our customers... not bottles. The additional mass of a glass container also means more energy is required to transport our product to our legions of Tin Men, creating more emissions.

In addition, statistics show that only one in four glass bottles collected to recycling efforts is actually melted down and reformed into a consumer receptacle. Because the energy and cost of recycling glass is nearly equal to that of creating new glass, the other three "recycled" bottles will be terminated in a landfill.

Optimal availability

By our careful calculations, the amount of beer needed to sustain your average backyard barbecue or athletically themed social gathering is the amount you have already purchased... plus another six-pack. Running out of Tin Man is something that should never happen, and making sure your supplies are not depleted is easier for us to do with aluminum cans.

As cans are pre-printed as opposed to affixed with a paper label, there is no downtime and reduced production for when a label-bot (a clearly inferior model) breaks down or begins to malfunction. Smoother production means consistent supply, which should keep the humans at your social gathering satisfied.

Also, because cans do not break, they can be distributed at more public events and sporting venues, as well as brought to many parks, lakes and beaches. Because of the fragility of glass bottles, you are also not advised to smash them on your forehead as you might a can.

Brew at a bargain

The approximate cost to produce an aluminum can is 13.5 cents. The approximate cost to produce a glass bottle is as much as 40 cents. We know you have had to make critical decisions between good beer and cheap beer in the past, but this cost savings and all other savings achieved through maximum sustainability are ultimately good for our customers' wallets—and their taste buds.

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